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I, Dr. Vinaya Chitale Chakradeo, am an American Board Certified Ear Nose Throat and Head & Neck Surgeon. I have returned to India after studying and practicing medicine in the United States for 14 years. At Chitale Hospital, I am supported by a team of highly skilled and dedicated doctors and health care professionals.

We provide comprehensive ENT care under one roof. In addition to providing the traditional treatment in ENT, we also offer specialised services in -

For all of us at Chitale Hospital, patient care doesn’t stop at just treating you. We also deeply care about patient education. Please browse through our website to read more about ENT disorders, treatments, as well as preventive care in an easy to understand language.

We look forward to providing you with international standard of ENT care, right here in Pune.

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Our Services

Vertigo and balance center in Pune

Vertigo And Balance Center

This is a state of the art rehabilitation centre that focuses on diagnosis and treatment of dizziness. A series of tests can be performed to differentiate between central and peripheral vestibular disorders.

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Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids and Audiology

Our aim is to create awareness regarding hearing loss, emphasize on early detection of hearing loss especially in children to enhance normal speech and language development. We routinely perform audiological evaluation at our clinic for hearing loss and help in the auditory rehabilitation of our patients.

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Voice & Swallowing

Voice & Swallowing therapy Center

Our swallowing center focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of swallowing problems, improve swallowing and raise quality of life.

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Allergy and immunotherapy center in Pune

Allergy and Immunotherapy Center

Allergy is a very common problem and at our hospital we help people understand about this often overlooked problem and provide complete care starting from medication to allergy testing and Immunotherapy as well.

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