Legacy of Dr. V.B.Chitale

Dr.Vishvanath Bhaskar Chitale was a famous ENT surgeon in Pune, India. He was the founder of Chitale ENT Hospital. He was well known for his intelligence, his strong principles and his ethical medical practice.

Early Life:

He was born in Bhilawadi, district Sangli in southern Maharashtra. His father, B.G.Chitale the founder of Chitale dairy, was a famous businessman. His mother, Janakibai Chitale, was a dedicated housewife always looking out for her family and for community welfare. The basic principles of humanity, hard work and sincerity were engraved in him by his parents. He completed his school education in Bhilawadi and his undergraduation at Willingdon college, Sangli.

Despite being the youngest sibling amongst six brothers and five sisters he was loved and respected by all for his decision making abilities. He was a big support and advisor for the Chitale family.


His self motivation drove him to become a good surgeon. On his own merit he completed medical school from the prestigious Byramjee Jeejeebhoy Medical College, Pune and finished his ENT residency from the famous J.J medical college, Mumbai.


Growing up he was aware of the challenges in rendering medical care in village areas. In his initial years he practised in rural areas like Talegaon and Tasgaon near his home village Bhilawadi. E was always keen in improvising medical services in rural ndia. Soon he established Dr. Chitale ENT hospital on Tilak Road in 1976. He was a master of ENT/ Head and Neck Surgery and empathized with his patients and treated them like family.

Dr. V.B.Chitale

Dr. Vishvanath Bhaskar Chitale

Born: 14 February 1948 Bhilawadi, Dist Sangli, Maharashtra Founder of Chitale ENT Hospital

Alma mater: B.J.Medical College, Pune Grant Medical, Mumbai

Occupation: ENT Surgeon

Relatives: B G Chitale family and Desai Bandhu Ambewale family

His noble work spread all over the state thereby making a special name for himself and his hospital. In his lifetime he performed thousands of surgeries with very few complications. Amongst them were 35,000 ear surgeries performed for hearing loss and chronic ear infections.

Board memberships and affiliations

He was an active member of Association of Otolaryngology of India, Pune.He practiced as an ENT consultant at the Poona Hospital and Research center in Pune for over 30 years. He was admired by his colleagues from different specialities at this institute and they still miss him today.

Honors and awards

He was appointed as the President of Maharashtra ENT foundation in 2002 and was well respected by his peers. He was dedicated to being at the forefront of technology, understanding the latest advancements in the disorders of the head and neck region. He was very keen on gaining and giving the best surgical training to resident doctors in Pune.


He enjoyed classical music, played badminton and farming. He loved to enjoy the wonders of mother nature.


He was a responsible husband and dedicated father of two daughters Vinaya and Sheetal and his youngest son, Aniruddha. He also became a mentor and a teacher to his daughter, Vinaya, who continues to follow his path of giving exceptional care to their patients and will do so for years to come

Dr. V.B.Chitale

Having Lunch with Dr.Elizabeth Olson Columbia University, 2002


Meeting with Dr Fred Stucker, Chairman of Otolaryngology, LSU

Dr. Banoo Coyaji

With Magsaysay and Padma Bhushan award winner Dr Banoo Coyaji

Dr. Vijay Abhyankar

Wih his best friend Dr. Vijay Abhyankar and his daughter Ketaki at Baltimore Harbor