What is LPR?

Laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR) is inflammation of the upper aero-digestive tract (throat) due to reflux of acid from the stomach.

Signs and symptoms

  • Constant sensation of something stuck in your throat or difficulty in swallowing food
  • Urge to clear your throat frequently, itching in the throat
  • Feeling of suffocation
  • Dry cough, which usually worsens on lying down
  • Hoarseness after waking up

Treatment and Remedy

  • Avoid spicy, oily food- pickles, chilly, papad, vinegar, tomato ketchup and sauce,garlic
  • Avoid aerated drinks, coffee, tea
  • Avoid spicy, oily and raw foods
  • Avoid drinking, smoking or chewing tobacco products
  • Avoid over indulging in food
  • Avoid keeping your stomach empty for more than 3 hours at a stretch, have frequent small meals
  • Avoid lying down, exercising for at least one hour after meals
  • Elevate the head end of the bed if possible

Consulting your ENT surgeon for medication is necessary if the symptoms persist even after following above precautions. Treatment includes antacid and anti-reflux medication. Some patients may require an endoscopic or radiological evaluation.