Facial plastic surgery

We also offer cosmetic surgeries involving the face.

1. Wide Local Excision of skin cancers :

This is performed under frozen section guidance in which the margins are looked at under the microscope before repairing the defect.

2. Removal of Keloids :

Keloids are hypertrophic scars that may lead to cosmetic deformity. We routinely perform excision of keloids and inject steroids after removal to prevent recurrence.

Removal of Keloids

Keloid Surgery: Before and After Photos

3. Ear Lobe Repair :

Elongation of the piercing of the ear or in some cases trauma leads to a complete tear of the ear lobe. These are repaired under local anaesthesia to restore normal appearance of the ear lobe

Ear Lobe Repair

Ear Lobe Repair: Before and After Photos

4. Reduction of closed nasal fracture :

Trauma to the nose can lead to a fracture of the nasal bones. Displaced fractures of the nasal bones can cause a crooked nose. This can be reduced under anaesthesia in 5 minutes only within first 2 weeks after injury.

Anatomy of the Nose

Anatomy of the Nose

Fracture Nasal Bone Reduction

Fracture Nasal Bone Reduction: Before and After Photos

5. Rhinoplasty :

Gross deviations of the nose causing cosmetic deformity as well as functional disturbances in the nose like nasal obstruction can be corrected by rhinoplasty. This may involve osteotomy which is refracturing of nasal bones inorder to align them


Rhinoplasty: Before and After Photos