What is Epistaxis?

Epistaxis means bleeding from the nose. Most common cause of epistaxis is drying of the nasal mucosa especially in dry arid or cold climates. High uncontrolled Blood pressure is another cause of epistaxis.

Signs and symptoms

Bleeding from either or both nostrils. Occasionally blood may trickle down into the throat causing the patient to cough up blood through the mouth.


First thing to do in case of epistaxis is to lie down and pinch both the nostrils with sufficient pressure. This should be done for 20 minutes. Additionally, ice compresses may be started over the nose, cheeks and patient can be asked to suck on a piece of ice.Consulting an ENT surgeon at the earliest is imperative if the bleeding doesn’t stop with the above remedy.

  • Applying vaseline, liquid paraffin at both nostrils
  • Avoid nose blowing, picking or cleaning the nose
  • Keep your mouth open while sneezing
  • Do not lift heavy weights
  • No straining while passing urine and stools
  • Drink plenty of water
  • If possible humidify the room with help of a humidifier
  • Stop any blood thinning or anti-coagulant medication for 5-7 days after consulting your physician