Hearing Aid and Audiology Centre

We perform following test for hearing loss

  • 1. Pure Tone Audiometry -

    It is a test done routinely to find the character and degree of hearing loss. It is carried out in a sound-proof room at our hospital.

  • 2. Impedance Audiometry -

    This test is useful to determine middle ear function.

  • 3. Oto-Acoustic Emission (OAE) Test -

    It is a screening test useful to determine normal hearing especially in babies and small children.It is non-invasive and the result is obtained immediately. Any problems in hearing can be detected by this test and these patients are then advised additional tests to determine extent of hearing loss.

    Hearing Aid and Audiology Centre

    Pure Tone Audiometry (PTA) being performed in soundproof room

  • 4. Speech audiometry -

    We determine speech recognition and speech discrimination for diagnosing understandability of words and sentences.

  • 5. Aided audiometry -

    To see if we have improved our patients hearing with the hearing aid

Our Hearing Aid Program

Our hearing aid program is determined to make the patient happy. We offer state of the art hearing services and provide support to our patients who want to improve their quality of life by improving their hearing.

We offer -

  • 1. Free trial of hearing aid
  • 2. Free counseling for hearing aid from 45 min to one hour
  • 3. Home based trial with complete money back if patient is not satisfied with his hearing aid
  • 4. Free mapping/reprogramming according to individual needs
  • 5. Batteries
  • 6. Custom ear molds for hearing aids
  • 7. Water protection ear plugs
  • 8. Ear muffs for loud noise protection
  • 9. Different types such as behind the ear, in the canal, receiver in the canal hearing aids.
  • 10. We also offer hearing aids based on the patients need

Hearing Aid

Behind The Ear (BTE) type Hearing Aid

What is the importance of using hearing aid early in patients with hearing loss?

Hearing aid is nothing but an amplifier that can help in delivering the sound to the inner ear. However if inner auditory pathway from inner ear to the brain stops working, the understandability of speech will be affected even with a hearing aid. So it is very important for early hearing amplification.

The satisfaction of using the hearing aid depends on the severity of the hearing impairment and the degree of amplification gained from a hearing aid. It requires practice and commonsense. It also requires frequent programming of hearing aid in different environments. Sometimes patients may benefit from lip reading along with the use of hearing aid.

How can you check your Hearing Yourself?

Hearing Self Check by House Ear Institute, Los Angeles.

  • Check yourself or someone you know with these questions.
  • • Do people seem to mumble, making it hard for you to understand them?
  • • Do you have difficulty following certain women’s and children’s voices?
  • • Do you notice that you are favoring one ear over the other?
  • • Do you have difficulty following conversations while riding in the car?
  • • Do you turn up the volume on the TV, radio or stereo?
  • • Do you find it difficult to follow conversations in a crowded room?
  • • Do you find yourself asking others to repeat themselves?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you should get your hearing evaluated.

School Hearing Screening Program

We organize a School Hearing Screening Program for school going children in Pune. Internationally, about 8 children out of 100 have been noted to have hearing impairment. Mild to moderate hearing loss can go undiagnosed without a parent or teacher even noticing it. This could affect a child’s ability to learn. It can also lead to educational difficulties, speech and language delay and behavioral problems.

Our screening program includes a simple, objective test that takes less than 2 minutes called OAE. It is held on school premises.

In United States, it is a state law to screen a school going child for hearing loss. We are just trying to reach international standards in our schools.

Audiology Centre

Hearing Screening (OAE test) being performed in a school