Specialised Services

At Chitale Hospital we offer special services in addition to standard ENT treatment.

This involves finding the root cause of the problem and then treating it completely in a holistic manner considering all the factors such as physical, mental, social etc. More importantly these treatment approach are individually based and designed as per the patients need.

These services include vestibular rehabilitation, trigger point therapy, use of exercise systems like pilates reformer to help in improving balance and spine alignment, treating allergy with sublingual immunotherapy, evaluation and treatment of voice and swallowing disorders,evaluation and treatment of different hearing disorders.

Based on Dr. V.B. Chitale’s thoughts we have been successful to offer all these services under one roof. We use international protocols in rendering these services. Thousands of patients all over Maharashtra have benefited from it and we will continue to do this for years to come along with our standardized treatment for ear nose and throat disorders.